Are Apple (iOS) Phones or Android Phones Better for My Business?

Which mobile device is right for your business needs?

The answer is, of course, “it depends”. Many variables factor into this important decision so let us give you some advice to consider.

If your business provides smart phones to employees you may be wondering whether to choose an Apple (iOS) or an Android device.

In the battle of which device is more secure, Apple products are superior. If your main concern is security and keeping your data safe then choose Apple.

If your main concern is being able to examine digital evidence when an employee has potentially breached a workplace policy, an employment contract or fiduciary duty, you may wish to consider choosing an Android device.

Why? There is a big difference between the devices in terms of a digital forensics examiner’s ability to thoroughly recover all relevant evidence.

An Android device will allow a digital forensics examiner to extract a full physical image of the device. That means a “bit by bit” copy of the storage drive including non-overwritten deleted data. Since most suspects try to delete or manipulate data, this area of the device provides an enormous amount of useful data in an investigation.

Modern iPhones (models beyond the iPhone 4) do not allow for a full physical image and a digital forensics examiner is limited to obtaining a logical extraction. This limits the ability to recover deleted information.