DFI Forensics Inc. provides many services to the business community.  Many situations call for a thorough digital forensics or cyber-intelligence investigation in the business world.


Digital forensics investigations often involve employees who use a variety of digital media, such as:

  • computers;
  • external drives or USB sticks;
  • cloud sources, such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft Onedrive or iCloud;
  • mobile devices; and/or
  • social media,

in order to:

  • steal from your business (i.e., trade secrets, confidential information and intellectual property);
  • communicate with others in order to compete or plan competition against you;
  • divert business opportunities away from your business and into their own;
  • engage in workplace harassment, sexual harassment and bullying; and
  • general malfeasance or unlawful behaviour,

for which there is evidence or a “digital trail” on one or more digital devices.

In addition, your business is under constant attack by cybercriminals looking to access your IT Network and customer or client confidential data. If you find yourself victimized by these malicious intruders, DFI Forensics Inc. will investigate the matter and get you the answers you need to know.