Preparing in advance for an IT network attack or data breach incident is a very wise thing to do for your business. You need to focus on your business and may not have time to learn all the things you need to in order to protect your business.  Let DFI Forensics Inc. help you.


Malicious attackers use digital techniques as well as manipulation of human awareness or emotions to achieve their goal of accessing your IT network. You and your staff must be vigilant in defending against it. DFI Forensic Inc. offers a no-charge, informative, monthly newsletter to help educate you and your employees about the latest scams, phishing techniques and social engineering efforts that leave businesses vulnerable. Join ours today by clicking here.

In addition, DFI Forensics Inc. works with businesses to ensure that we know the details of your organization and its unique IT network setup. With that information on hand, we have a greater ability to investigate incidents quickly and thoroughly. Having the information ahead of time makes our investigations far more efficient.

As a result, those businesses that work with DFI Forensics Inc. before an incident occurs receive a significant reduction in our services in the event that a future investigation is required. Contact us to learn more about our pre-incident services and to enroll in our email list to receive our informative monthly newsletter.