Cybersecurity For Small and Medium Sized Business

DFI Forensics Inc. will assist your business with its cybersecurity needs. Every dollar spent on prevention and preparation is valuable money invested in the safety, security and risk management of your business.

Data Breach Damages: Reputational Damage To Your Business

DFI Forensics Inc. Post Data Breach Investigations

DFI Forensics Inc. conducts thorough investigations for businesses following a cyberattack, data breach or IT network intrusion.

Using Digital Forensics When Onboarding New Employees

DFI Forensics Inc. Employee Background Checks

DFI Forensics Inc. uses advanced investigation techniques and specialized tools to forensically examine and capture evidence of potential employee controversial online content before you hire them.

Theft of Intellectual Property in the Workplace

Intellectual property theft by employees is on the rise. Learn how your business can deal with the risk more effectively.

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DFI Forensics Inc. Post Data Breach Investigations

DFI Forensics Inc. encourages pre-planning and taking action before a cybersecurity attack. Find out why in this video!

DFI Forensics Inc. is a Proud Supporter of the HR Community

IT Forensics and Computer Forensics

DFI Forensics Inc. is proud to assist the Human Resources professionals across Canada.

What is Digital Forensics and How Can It Benefit Me?

A brief summary of IT forensics and how it can help you.

Educate your organization about the risks of cybersecurity attack and data breach.

IT Forensics Digital Forensics Computer Forensics Cybersecurity Data Breach

Educating your business’s employees is your first line of defence. Join our newsletter for updates on the latest threats.

What’s Your Business’s Plan?

cybersecurity data breach it forensics Vancouver DFI Forensics Inc.

Formulate a cyberattack response plan for your business by contacting a trained cybersecurity incident IT forensics expert like DFI Forensics Inc.

Apple (iOS) vs. Android?

Apple (iOS) vs. Android Which device is best for the needs of your business?