Data breach incidents involve attacks to your business’s IT network where data is stored. Sensitive business data or private and confidential customer and client information is routinely accessed during such an attack.

Data breach incidents are prevalent and disastrous to businesses of all sizes. You will never be happy about reporting to your valued customers and clients that their personal data was accessed by a malicious intruder. Your hard earned customer base and stable of loyal clients may lose confidence in your ability to protect their data and choose to do business elsewhere.

Furthermore, your own business data may have been accessed and copied by the intruder and could be exposed to your competitors or sold to the highest bidder in the dark places of the world wide web.

You will need to know precise details about your intruder’s activity during the unauthorized access to your IT network. Determining your legal obligations to report the incident to the Government, your customers or clients starts with knowing the details of the attack. DFI Forensics Inc. will get you the answers you need to know.