The IT network of your business is the telecommunication pathway that allows your business to function in our modern world. It allows communication, processing, sharing of data and information, receipt of payment and interaction with your customers or clients.

Your IT network is crucial to the functioning and success of your business. It is no wonder that it is under constant attack by cybercriminals with malicious intent. These attacks can harm you and your business by:

  • locking you out of your own IT network;
  • shutting you down temporarily or permanently;
  • preventing you from processing customer or client payments;
  • preventing you from accepting new customer orders or client business opportunities;
  • causing your customers and clients to lose confidence in your ability to protect their confidential information, causing to run into the open arms of your competitors; and
  • subjecting you to potential fines or penalties under the laws and regulations applicable to your business.

With such serious possible consequences to your business, it is vitally important that you understand precisely what happened and how you were attacked. DFI Forensics Inc. will investigate and comprehensively report on the unique facts of your particular attack.