The main goal of an IT network attack or data breach is financial gain for the intruder. In many cases, a ransom is demanded by the attacker and many victims pay.

With the rise of cryptocurrency, ransom demands are being made with payment in the form of valuable currency that allows the attacker to remain anonymous. Many businesses find it tempting to pay the ransom to have their data decrypted or otherwise returned to them intact.

If you have found yourself victimized in this way, you would be well advised to conduct a full post-data breach investigation to determine:

  • how your IT network was attacked or data accessed;
  • what data was accessed; and
  • whether the intruder continues to have the ability to access your data.

Once DFI Forensics Inc. gets you the answers you need to know, you will be able to understand your legal obligations following the incident, formulate a business strategy to respond to it and consult with an IT Security provider to minimize the likelihood of future incidents.