Businesses can take many proactive steps to protect valuable intellectual property from being stolen by employees.

Being proactive against a threat to your business when there is less than a 100% likelihood of the threat materializing can minimize it’s priority. However, it would be well advised to get information about how you can protect one of the most important assets of your business.

Each business is unique in its organization and needs and, therefore, a meaningful consultation is required. However, some of the factors to consider may involve the following:

  • do your employees work outside of the office or remotely?;
  • what, if any, computer or mobile devices are your employees using?;
  • who owns the devices that your employees use?;
  • what operating systems are run on the devices used by your employees?;
  • what, if any, data is preserved by your organization when an employee changes devices or leaves your organization?

An analysis of these factors, along with determining the most significant concerns that your organization has will assist DFI Forensics Inc. in formulating a well crafted strategy to minimize or prevent employee theft of your intellectual property.