DFI Forensics Inc. conducts thorough investigations for businesses following a cyberattack, data breach or IT network intrusion. We will get you facts you need to know so that you can consult a privacy lawyer regarding your potential legal obligations to report the incident to your clients, customers or the Privacy Commissioner. Furthermore, you will be able to implement strategies to minimize the likelihood of future attacks.

View an excellent video story from BNN on reputational damage here.

The good news is that there are many ways your business can minimize the impact of a cybersecurity incident. Most importantly, you must plan for the worst by putting the pieces together to formulate a thorough “incident response plan”.

An incident response plan identifies the key players from your organization as well as third parties such as lawyers, IT professionals, cybersecurity professionals and digital forensics experts, and provides a roadmap for how they will work together to efficiently and effectively navigate the situation amidst the panic and uncertainty that surrounds these incidents.

For more information on formulating your organization’s incident response plan or for any questions about why it is an excellent idea to have one, contact us here.