In an increasing number of cases, litigants are heading to Court seeking a civil search and seizure order known as an Anton Piller Order or “APO”.

Anton Piller Orders are obtained on an ex parte basis and executed with little or no advance notice to the subject of the Order.

Obviously, the goal is to prevent the loss or intentional destruction of key digital evidence.

While not all Anton Piller Orders involve search and seizure of electronic evidence, many do.  Often times evidence is seized from servers, computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and digital storage media.  Devices themselves are often taken into custody.

You only get one chance to execute an Anton Piller Order and it has to go smoothly.  If not, important evidence may be lost forever.

You need an experienced and well equipped team to work efficiently in order to acquire digital evidence in the field where there is no time for mistakes.

DFI Forensics Inc. has even assisted in the drafting of the portions of the Order referring to the electronic evidence or cloud accounts being targeted, which is important for the proper execution of the Order itself.  We will assist you in formulating an overall cost-effective and well planned strategy to get the evidence you need.

* Find the model Order Practice Directive and template for the British Columbia form of Anton Piller Order here.