Our core values will guide our everyday decisions and aid us in providing you with an amazing service experience worth remembering.


Honesty is something that should go without saying. However, some businesses routinely embrace dishonesty with clients in order to get their business. That isn’t who we are and we won’t do it for any reason, least of all for money. We will be honest, upfront and give you the best advice for you, your client or your business – always.


As individuals, we ought to be proud of who we are and conduct ourselves with integrity. For us, that means doing the right thing even when nobody is watching (as the saying goes!). We are proud to conduct ourselves with integrity at all times and this is one of our core guiding principles as people and business leaders.


Professionalism is a key value at DFI Forensics Inc. We will respond to inquiries immediately, get you the information you need to make an informed decision and provide you with expert-level, quality service.

We will follow through with our promises and commitments to you no matter what it takes. We believe that being professional is more than having an education, training and experience. It is about understanding the reliance you place upon us in the professional relationship and not abusing that trust.


Respect and compassion for all people is a dear value in our personal and professional lives. We don’t judge others based on age, gender, race, socio-economic status or any other superficial characteristic and we will treat you equally in all aspects of your unique circumstances. We believe all people deserve respect, compassion, love and happiness.


Those that we hold in highest regard, personally and professionally, give back to the world, society and the community in which they live. We humbly embrace this philosophy and will give back when we can.

DFI Forensics Inc. offers pro bono assistance to members of the public who need assistance but are not able to afford a high-level expert and we also support various charitable causes.


Under the guidance of these core values, we believe you will have a truly amazing experience with us.

By not focussing solely on what we can get from you in terms of financial gain, we will succeed in providing you with high-quality expertise with incredible value and service.