Digital forensics is the field of forensic science that seeks to determine the facts surrounding an occurrence or event through the analysis and examination of digital evidence from a variety of computer, digital and electronic sources.

Strict protocols are followed to ensure that the findings of fact are verifiable and admissible in Court, if necessary.

We are skilled digital forensics experts with a wealth of experience on our side.  We get results and prepare clearly worded, succinct written reports so that you and your clients can understand what we uncovered and what it means.

Lawyers need the best evidence for Court in order to represent their clients to best of their abilities.

Whether you need forensic collection of digital evidence for your ediscovery needs or an ediscovery solution itself to search and filter through large volumes of data, we can help!

DFI Forensics was founded by a former litigation lawyer who combines legal training and Courtroom experience with certified digital forensics knowledge to provide valuable professional insight to our clients from the legal community throughout North America.

Canada’s fastest growing cyber attack first response team! Data breaches, ransomware attacks, DDoS and business email fraud – we’ve worked all kinds of cases.

We are experts in cyber attack first response.  We will assist you in identifying the source of the attack, containing it, eradicating it and restoring your systems.

Following the cyber attack, we will conduct a full investigation so that you can work with your lawyer to determine your reporting obligations following the event.

We provide custom built Incident Response Plans starting at just $49/mth.  Learn more here.

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